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DCM Acquisition Criteria


DCM will consider companies in light and medium manufacturing where there is some engineering value added to the product being produced.

  • Electronic Components: OEM manufacturers of electrical components, e.g. electric motors, electronic connectors, pumps, resistors, cable assembly, generators, microwave components, relays, antennas, etc.
  • Instrumentation: Instrument and measuring devices used in various industries including medical, electronic and aviation.
  • Metal Fabrication: Die casting or metal press components sold to OEMs or consumers.

DCM will also consider companies that offer services or sell products that have brand identity or a unique value added in the market.

  • Soft Drink Bottling: Bottler or distributor of soft drinks.
  • Niche Service Providers

Financial Criteria

Sales: $10-100 million. Smaller acquisitions will be considered to the extent that they can be added onto affiliated companies businesses.

Profitability: Profitable or able to become profitable with one or two "fixes".

Assets: The company should have assets which can be used to finance a significant portion of the purchase price.

Management Criteria

In stand alone acquisitions, DCM wants companies where the existing management wishes to remain with the company after the acquisition. If management does not wish to remain, DCM will only consider the acquisition if the company is in a business closely related to one of its affiliated companies. Senior management of acquired companies is normally invited to participate in purchase of the equity of the acquisition.

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